orthumberland – what a historically significant and rich area of northern England. With its long and beautiful coastline on the east side of England below the Scottish borders it is positively brimming with castles, constructed to protect England from the Scots from the 11th century onwards. I’ll bet they were being built to protect the country from other invading forces like the Vikings or aggressor Barons- the rotters ! These very castles are fascinating relics of the great wealth of their owners, but many also have some wonderful gardens that I would love to show you.

Particularly new and intriguing are the gardens at Alnwick Castle, the seat of the Duke of Northumberland [and one of the locations of the Harry Potter films].

We can also visit the islands off the coast that hold the exquisitevely decorated Lindisfarne Gospels.

When I was last up in this area I stayed in a most elegant large country house that did one of the most gracious and comfortable Bed and Breakfast I have enjoyed. I heartily recommend we stay at this lovely place- Eshott Hall.

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