ne always associates this region for the dramatically beautiful; winding river of the Dordogne and its interaction with the stunning countryside.

It is less known for some unusual and sometimes scorned wines, some sweet, some with tremendous character resulting from new and rigorous methods of viticulture. I think itís a region that has many hidden gems in the viticultural sense, and I would like to show you some of the wonderful wines to be enjoyed in this region.

One mustnít overlook a number of totally stunning gardens- noted particularly for the intriguing shapes and patterns that have been carved into the classic evergreen shrubs-Yew and Box. I have also in mind to take you to a most unusual and slightly dreamy garden perched on the edge of a hill in a town on the Dordogne, as well as a garden perched like a flat hat on the top of a high promontory. Its odd but its worth seeing.

This region has some lovely old castles that are used as luxury hotels- you would find the experience staying in these places enchanting.

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