How often have you listened, spellbound, as a friend recounts a wonderful holiday they’ve had in England or Europe and the extraordinary things they’ve seen?

Beautiful countryside, breathtaking gardens, ancient buildings to mention a few. Then you been saddened by the realism—you’d love to do the same but you don’t know anyone to go with or where to go, or even know what you may be looking at. You definitely couldn’t bear having to join a group in a guided tour- herded about like cattle, in and out of buses and having to put up with some awful drone in the seat beside you.

At last those issues are solved. You have found the person who will personally accompany you to a choice of wonderful places.
We will visit the most lovely gardens of the locality, some famous, some less known, saunter through the cloisters of ancient cathedrals or Abbeys, sample the wines of lesser known but eminent winemakers in France or even visit a wine fair where all the winegrowers are encouraging you to taste and compare their produce. We will visit charming little country restaurants for lunch eating local cuisine and in the evening enjoy a leisurely dinner in the exquisite and characterful hotel, which might be a Castle or Stately home.

All the matters like how we will get about will be sorted- it will always be in a luxury car or limousine and we will fly between countries in a private jet. What tops it off is that you will never be alone during the day unless you wish. As my mother tends to say ‘May I take your arm please’, I will, metaphorically speaking, hold your hand on this special trip.