The Journey

You are going to be taken for a luxurious trip, starting in London where I will meet you with a chauffeur-driven Bentley. The journey will proceed to France where we will spend the first night in a delightful Chateau near the town of Abbeville.

Our journey will then take us down to the Champagne region where we stay at another Chateau for one night and visit a Chanpagne vineyard as well as a garden. We will then move to the Hotel Bristol in the centre of Paris for three nights so we can enjoy a fabulous selection of the grand gardens around the perimeter of Paris. Moving on we will proceed south through the burgundy wine region staying in the village of Vougeot so we can visit some of France’s best wines.

From there we are going to drive southeast across through the Alps into Italy to stay for a few days on Lake Como. This area is one of the most beautiful areas of Europe. We will visit gardens on this lake and also Lake Maggiore, where there is a group of three islands, two of which have quite stunning Gardens.

We will then be going south and driving to the westerly area of Tuscany near the city of Lucca which has a wonderful cluster of Villas with lovely gardens. We will stay here for a few days to enjoy the region and its stunning landscape.

The journey will continue south into Rome. We will stay in a lovely hotel located as centrally as one could wish, as much to enjoy the city in the evening with its wonderful restaurants, Piazzas and buildings as the various gardens in villages around the city.

After a few days here soaking up the culture we fly back to London [by private jet] .

The Accommodation

Throughout the trip the most comfortable and characterful accommodation has been selected. Comfort and luxury is the first criteria in the choice, with a Suite per person being offered at each place. To enjoy the character of the region, with its gorgeous architecture, cuisine and individuality is also considered to be very important to make this journey the most enriching experience.

Selected Hotels, subject to room availability-1 suite per person



The Gardens, vineyards and sites.

Many of the gardens are shown in the pictures in this section. We will visit gardens through the whole trip, especially around Paris, in the Italian lakes, Tuscany and Rome.

Vineyards in the Champagne and Burgundy regions will be visited in France. In Italy we can visit vineyards in Tuscany.

If there is anything you wish to see as we travel do not hesitate to express your wishes- the adventure is made that much more exciting.

Your Travelling Guide

Mr Adam Hodge would anticipate keeping you company from Breakfast until after Dinner in the evenings of every day of the trip.

The Financial bit!

The total cost [for two guests] $142,700 [or £75,300]

Prices are available for a single guest.