After experiencing many losses in my life, I was overdue for a break. It was suggested that the best way to renew one's spirit was to spend time in nature, particularly in gardens where the cycle of life can be observed.

With this in mind, and through a series of fortuitous events, I was introduced to Adam Hodge. The dates were set so off to England I went, to tour castles and gardens. It was incredible to see the magnificent plants, homes and ports in Cornwall.

Learning about the history of the families, how they planted their gardens and seeing the fruit of their labour put things in perspective for me. Adam was the penultimate tour guide, taking care of all the details, filling each day with places of interest.

I returned home feeling renewed and refreshed. I would recommend Oxford Botanica to anyone in need of refreshment and renewal. I plan on returning for my next holiday! Thanks, Adam

Mrs K Edmison, Toronto Canada

This is the second time I have chosen to be accompanied by Adam, this time a short “magical mystery “tour of some of the fantastic gardens in Tuscany. His enthusiasm, wit, charm and great company were as delightful as ever!

Mrs K Underwood, Winchester UK

My visit to the Hilliers Arboretum near Winchester was a great experience. Adam's knowledge of the plant world is extensive so not only was it a most beautiful place to be visiting, but it was interesting and informative, and also fun, because Adam can make any situation fun just by being himself! A great day!

Mrs. J. Smith

Exploring La Bambouseraie, a vast bamboo collection in Southern France, with Adam's insight and humour was an inspirational experience. We ate and drank extremely well too.

Adam also took me to a wine exposition in France with some other people and it was a revelation. We were tasting and buying wonderful wine unavailable outside France, and I'm still enjoying it years later. Goodness only knows how he worked out how to put it all together.

Mr. L. Campbell

Adam's natural modesty meant that many of us knew him only as an active member of his church and someone dedicated to his charitable work. It was only after getting to know him better that we have learned of his extraordinary knowledge of plants and places!

Mr. & Mrs. C. & F. Jackson

On a recent trip to one of England's finest Royal Horticultural Society gardens, Wisley, in Surrey, Adam impressed me with his extensive knowledge, rolling Latin names off the end of his tongue like the true expert he is.

Mrs. K. Underwood

Adam Hodge is a tremendously knowledgeable and charming guide to all things horticultural. Adam took me on a tour of Bodnant, a stunning garden in NW Wales. In spring Bodnant is awash with innumerable varieties of Camellias, Magnolias and other rare and unusual shrubs. Adam seemed to know every single one of them and could give some fascinating background on the origins of even the most unusual plants in this great collection. He has the rare ability to transmit his own boundless enthusiasm for plants and garden design and to make one see things anew.

After a trip through Bodnant with Adam I wanted to buy every single plant in the nursery for my own garden. Here he was able to exercise a a gentle, restraining hand and to ensure that the plants I bought would be able to survive in my garden. I learned so much and had tremendous fun in the process.

Adam has accompanied me to gardens in England, Florida and Italy. Whether it is a garden full of scented old roses, like Mottisfont, the lush Fairchild tropical gardens in Miami or the miraculous terraced water gardens at Tivoli in Lazio, having Adam as a companion adds immeasurably to the experience. His knowledge is encyclopaedic, but shared with lightness and wit.

Adam was not only a wonderful guide and companion in the gardens. He also has a great love, and tremendous knowledge, of good food and wine. He knows exactly where to go for the perfect lunch or dinner to revive one's energies after hours walking through a magical garden, whether in Italy, in France or in Wales. He is able to make every trip truly memorable.

Miss. V. Emmem

On a trip with Adam to France we stayed at Château Resmisnil, the former private home of the British designer Laura Ashley. Adam proved his worth. In addition to his expertise on gardens of various châteaux, his knowledge of French wines was outstanding! He knew just what to order with each delicious meal. His bon hommie was a delight and his sense of humour raised more than a few laughs.

Mrs. D. Allen

My first trip to a wine fair in France was organised by Adam, his congenial easy going personality, combined with his vast knowledge & enthusiasm for wine made the trip not only enjoyable but also an education. Adam has the ability to talk about wine in a way that is unpretentious & easily understood. As he began to realise my taste preferences,he steered me towards wines that he knew I would like, and indeed I did. He was known by a number of French wine makers at the fair who greeted him like an old friend. That was my first trip, since then there have been many more, each one just as enjoyable.

Mr. J. Court